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 #inputfield {
 border: 2px solid #3f3f3f;
 color: #6f6f6f;
 #inputname {
 color: #3f3f3f;

 <a id="inputname>Name:</a><input name="name" id="inputfield" type="text">
 <a id="inputname>Other Name:</a><input name="other" id="inputfield" type="text">
 <a id="inputname>Other Other Name:</a><input name="other_2" 
 id="inputfield" type="text">

The names and the fields look out of place. I am trying to make the form organized like the way it looks on this page:

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You cannot have more than one item with the same id. You mean class. –  drdwilcox Nov 23 '11 at 0:17

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Things to change:

  1. Don't use id. Use class and .inputfield
  2. Make sure to set the display to inline-block so that the browser will honor the width
  3. You don't want <a> tags. You want <label> tags.
  4. Wrap each line of your form in its own <div> and use that to set the line height and spacing.
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