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I’m trying to implement the following scenario:

  1. User approves a recurrent weekly payment (subscription) for a selected package size
  2. Every week the user can: a. Cancel a specific week delivery and avoid paying for this week b. Modify the package size and pay less/more for this time only c. Add additional items and get charged for them in addition to theweekly package

Looking at the documentation I did not find the APIs that allowing me to modify the subscription according to my needs.

Can someone please direct me to the right documentation or provide a code snippet?

Thanks, Yossi

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I think this is unsupported. You may wish to look into subscription management services like Spreedly and Zuora.com for these use cases.

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I don't believe this is possible. I'm trying to implement a similar thing. What I've tried is to issue a subscription modification with a free trial period. But it seems that the trial period parameters (a1,t1,p1) are ignored on a subscription modification. I've found some (unofficial) references that free periods cannot be inserted into an existing subscription, which is exactly what we need.

I'm pretty bummed this isn't supported. I cannot think of a clean way around it.

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