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I read the official guide. It says there are page cache, action cache and fragment cache, but they are not what I want.

I just like to cache an object, not the whole page or fragment of view, like this pseudocode:

def show
  cache @ads, :expires_in => 1.hour do
    @ads = Advertisement.all

Is it possible? with memcache or redis?

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Caching objects means serialization (usually through Marshal.dump/Marshal.load). Be careful as some objects cannot be serialized. Some others have large object graphs (attributes and variables that point to other, large, objects) which can be both expensive to serialize/unserialize and can take up a lot more space than you expect. For example, "caching" ActiveRecord objects by serializing them to redis/memcache is not a good idea. – Carl Zulauf Nov 23 '11 at 3:41

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Try this:

#To cache the object
Rails.cache.write('cache-key', object)

#Load the object from the cache'cache-key')
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Check out the lawnchair gem to cache objects in Redis.

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