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I have an action which needs to be cached:

caches_page :index

def index
  @boards = Board.all

  render :layout => false 

Really simple. But the problem is, it's not really be cached. Every time I access /boards, Rails re-renders the action. How can I find what's wrong?

I don't change any config in development.rb.

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"I don't change any config in development.rb.". That is your problem. Caching is explicitly disabled in development.rb. Please read the contents of that file. –  meagar Nov 23 '11 at 3:45

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Is Rails not writing the cached page? Or not reading the cached page? (To see if it's writing the cached page, look in your public directory.)

You do need to set

config.action_controller.perform_caching = true

in your development.rb file. From your comment about not changing your configs, it sounds like that might be your problem.

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