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I'm a Java EE beginner and now working on a web app, using JSF,EJB and JPA as the three tiers. The website consists of several apps like twitter and ebay. Their accounts are all binded to the main account. A client can have access to any app after logged in through the index page.

The whole website's structure is like:

Main Pages:
Twitter app:

Managed Beans:


Muser(Main user,has one to one relationship with Twuser)
Twuser(Twitter user,has many to many relationship with itself)

Here are the problems: Both JSF managed beans and SFSBs can hold the conversational state, but EJBs are in charge of business logic. So an entity recording the user's info(name,password,etc.) should be stored in SFSBs. I've tried annotating UserEJB and TwitterEJB @Stateful and inject the UserEJB into TwitterEJB to get the current user's account, but the EJBs injected to TwitterEJB and UserBean are different because they're in different projects.So I put the entity in the managed bean and changed the EJBs to stateless(pass the user as argument), which seemed even better due to SLSBs' better performance. But it contravenes the role of presentation tier.

The problem can be easily solved if there's only a managed bean and an EJB. I hope that a bean can just deal with the specific app's logic, retrieving the user's entity from a correct instance of bean automatically.

Could you give me a good design? Thanks! Sorry for my poor English..

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