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I have an application that I know is doing explicit GC calls: System.gc() or Runtime.gc(). I've verified this by disabling explicit GCs using -XX:+DisableExplicitGC and the full GCs go away.

I've checked the code and don't seem to find the System.gc() or Runtime.gc() call anywhere. It's a large project, so it's possible I've missed it or it's being called in some library.

I know with the IBM JRE you can run traces on methods.



Is it possible to do the same with the Oracle JRE to help find where it's being called? I don't have the ability to run this in debug mode with a breakpoint. :(

Also, I know it's not NIO or RMI making these GC calls.

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Which OS is running the JVM? – fglez Mar 1 '13 at 10:47

You could try using AOP to define an @Before pointcut for those methods, then create an Exception object and either throw it or log/mail it's stacktrace. Note that you could inspect the stacktrace to only take action on relevant cases (i.e. experiment a bit locally to figure out what a 'normal' non-explicit stacktrace might look like).

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You could :

  • profile the application with e.g. jProfiler, then you can search through the collected trace to find the System.gc() calls.
  • collect thread dumps in the time when you expect a Full GC to occur, this could show you the stack trace triggering the System GC.
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