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We have a blackberry native app deployed on a BB Bold 9700 (OS Version: 5.0)

The app registers a custom pattern of the form string://[0-9]* . Strings matching the pattern get highlighted but the app does not receive the complete string

Also, with URLs recognized and highlighted, when launched, the BB browser receives only a partial string - http://

This bug is observed with BB Bold 9700 (OS Version: 5.0) only.

Couple of more questions

  1. Is there way to find all system patterns registered with a blackberry device?
  2. How does blackberry resolve conflict if a text is matched by more than one pattern?

in my case both texts "http://urlline" and "string://customtext" got clipped to "http:// and string" respectively.

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Please post the code where you declare the regex and how you use it. –  Mister Smith Nov 23 '11 at 12:03
In the autostartup entry point of the app, we set the pattern if (args[0].equals("startUp")) {String pattern = "MyString://(\\d{1,2})\\,(\\d{7})"; int patternType = PatternRepository.PATTERN_TYPE_REGULAR_EXPRESSION; MyMatchMenuItem[] menuItems = { new MyMatchMenuItem(100) }; PatternRepository.removePatterns(application);PatternRepository.addPattern(a‌​pplication, pattern, patternType,menuItems);} Invoke app through new entry point and recognized string when launched with menu item ApplicationManager.getApplicationManager().launch("MyApp.altEntry?" + context.toString()); –  Dakshina Ilangovan Nov 23 '11 at 18:19
Thast a weird regex you are using. I don't understand why are you escaping the comma. Do you expect to match strings like "MyString://41,57" ? –  Mister Smith Nov 24 '11 at 8:33
If that's the case, I suggest you this one: "MyString://\\d{1,2},\\d7" –  Mister Smith Nov 24 '11 at 8:38
I'm a little confused. The regex you've posted appears to be expecting url's like string://12,3456789 (digits, not letters), but the example url you posted was string://customtext (letters, not digits). –  Daniel Schilling Jul 27 '12 at 21:15

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What I'm about to propose is trivial, I'm aware of it, but did you try:


This would match a string before colon, the colon, the double slash and whatever letter or number or punctuation after it (obviously you can furtherly specialize the expression).

I'm not a BlackBerry developer, so I'm not able to respond to your other questions, I apologize for that.

Anyways, for every doubt or clarification you could rely on this site here.

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