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I just started using Java to simulate solar panel's performance, however the single diode model requires lots of calculations:

basically, each function is a function of the other, all of them of the variable of Rs, a. two equations are available from f, f1. how can i get the value of Rs, a. I can extract Rs, a from the equations and take it to the equation of f, f1. however, the equation will be of great difficulty to solve, as it has exp(), multi-times of the variable and ln().. is there any library to use to calculate the value of variables by given constraint?

the equations are basically like this:

v = 3.5a

ff0= 5/v+ln(5/v+0.7)/(5/v+1)

ffs = ff0*(1-Rs*1.1)+(Rs*8)^2
f:  9=constant1-ffs*((exp(v-4/Rs))-1)-(15+8*Rs)*a
f1: 9=15*(ffs*.....)

thank you.

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What is a multi-times equation? Do you mean "polynomial series"? – Blessed Geek Nov 23 '11 at 3:42

You haven't concisely characterized the kind of equations that you want to solve, but the examples look rather hairy. If they are solvable (symbolically) then a commercial package like Mathematica is probably a good bet.

But I think you'd probably be better off asking this kind of question on the

where real mathematicians hang out. If nothing else they can characterize your equations for you and tell you if they are likely to be solvable.

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