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I have the a page loading 5 rows of results, and 5 more on click.

All I want to do is show the 5 more on scroll, like a lazy loader, instead of on click...thanks for any help.

$(function() {
  $("span#showMore a.moreResults").click(loadMoreResults);

function initShowMore() {
  var has_more = $("form#data input[name=has_more_results]").val();
  if (has_more) {
    $("table span#showMore").show();
  } else {
    $("table span#showMore").hide();
function loadMoreResults() {
  if (loading) {

  loading = true;

  var has_more = $("form#data input[name=has_more_results]").val();
  var page = parseInt($("form#data input[name=page]").val());

  var data = gatherQueryParams();
  data.page = page + 1;

  append = true; // global
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1 Answer

You need to hook into the scroll event. From what I can tell, your situation is fairly simple (e.g. you don't want to load the results pertaining to a particular position on the page), so hopefully some fairly simple code will work. :)

I've added an if to see if the page has scrolled down far enough as you presumably will only want to trigger it after a certain point.

        $(document).scroll(function ()
            if ($(document).scrollTop() > $(".someelement").position().top) loadMoreResults();
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