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I use Symfony Sandbox structure in my development. Now, thinking of future ugrades, I want to separate the Symfony application out from my application and put it in a separate folder. The only problem is that it seems my application and Symfony are hopelessly intermingled together.

Anyone has any idea how to separate the Symfony engines out from my sandbox application?

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After the proper installation of symfony you just have to change the path in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php from

require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/../lib/symfony/autoload/sfCoreAutoload.class.php';

to your new symfony library directory, like this:

require_once '/usr/share/php/symfony/autoload/sfCoreAutoload.class.php';

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I solved this issue and blogged about it here.

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Why the downvote? My solution was a tested one, though. –  Graviton Aug 25 '09 at 14:50

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