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I'm wondering if there's a way to add an item to the ListView without causing the reload of the whole list.

I have a BaseAdapter-derived ListView adapter, and when the underlying model gets a new element added, it calls notifyDataSetChanged(), which triggers the ListView reload.

The elements in the list have images, which are dynamically loaded according to the element's content. Problem is, when getView() is called during the reload, the convertView parameter passed for reuse is from a different position previously, so the images have to be reloaded, too, which causes a rather ugly blinking.

So is there a way to not reload the whole list if I only add an item at the end (and that will be the only way new items are added)? Or at least somehow reuse the cells for the same position, if possible, to avoid the costly image reload?

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Did you ever find out how to get rid of the blinking? Could you share your solution? There's got to be a way as I see some apps that loads extra data and the images showing do not blink. – Tiago Apr 15 '14 at 21:51

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No buddy its not possible in android that u can add an item without refresh the list because when u add an item it changes the height of list view.See the below link,Romain Guy said the same thing in it.

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do this instead of calling notifyDataSetChanged():

int firstVisiblePosition = getFirstVisiblePosition();
View view = getChildAt(0);
int distFromTop = (view == null) ? 0 : view.getTop();
setSelectionFromTop(firstVisiblePosition, distFromTop);
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While this does maintain the scroll position, it still triggers a reload of the views within the ListView (that is, getView is called again with recycled Views). In my implementation, which uses AsyncTasks to load, this means that the ListView "stays still" but causes loading indicators to show up again while it refreshes. – Zane Claes Sep 19 '12 at 19:16

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