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I googled some drag and drop tutorial, most of them is about drag and drop the internal element, within the application. But I would like to drop an external file on the textarea, it can displays back the file path to me, it will be nice, but how can I do so? Thanks? Any ideas?

PS: Using python3.X

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I guess you'd already take a look at the TkDND extension for Tkinter. Looking at its docs seems like it has some support for drag and drop external targets too:

"For example under windows the type "FILENAME" can be used in order to receive a single filename from the Explorer or the type "NetscapeURL" can be used in order to receive a bookmark drop from Netscape Navigator. Under Unix, the type "FILE_NAME" can be used in order to receive a filename from a Motif application."

Says the docs at: http://klappnase.bubble.org/TkinterDnD/TkinterDnD_manual.html

You should try this if you really need to use Tkinter.

Otherwise, for better results and possibilities, I would advise you to use a more complete GUI framework like Qt which has bindigs for drop events natively.

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TkinterDnD is from 2005 and doesn't seem to work anymore :-( –  vy32 Feb 24 '12 at 2:42

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