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I Have a regex to replace the color value from a given string it works well when there is no newline like the following...

 var BodyContent = "background-color:red;color:white";

  // NOTE : there is no new line constant  

 var dis = BodyContent.replace(/(^|;)color:\s*([^;]+)/, "$1color:" + 'green'); 

 //returns dis ="background-color:red;color:green"; //Works well

But not work when like this

BodyContent = "background-color:red; \n color:white;"; // Note the newline constant

var dis = BodyContent.replace(/(^|;)color:\s*([^;]+)/, "$1color:" + 'green');

//returns dis = "background-color:red;color:white"; there is no change.the color is still white

This is my regex to replace the color value /(^|;)color:\s*([^;]+)/ .

Now how can i do with this new line also ?

Thank you .

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You have two problems. First, you need to set the multiline flag on your regexp if you want ^ to match after a newline in the middle of the search string. Second, you put "\n" (with spaces) in your second BodyContent. Your regexp doesn't handle the spaces after the newline.

Try this:

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The solution

var dis = BodyContent.replace(/(^|[;\n\s]+)color:\s*([^;]+)/, "$1color:" + 'green');


Your regular expression /(^|;)color:\s*([^;]+)/ matches the a color which is either the beginning of a string (^) or prefixes with an ;. It fails in the following cases:

"background-color:red; \n color:white;";

The 'color' is prefixes by an whitespace(\s). In some cases, it may also be prefixed by an newline(\n);

"background-color:red; \ncolor:white;";

So to match in these cases, you use the the regular expression (^|[;\n\s]+)color:\s*([^;]+). It matches the 'color' string in four cases:

  • In the beginning of a string: "color:white;"
  • Prefixed by an ;: "background-color:red;color:white;"
  • prefixed by one or more new line: "\ncolor:white;"
  • prefixed by one or more spaces: " color:white;"
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Fails if color is the first thing in the search string. – rob mayoff Nov 23 '11 at 6:06
@robmayoff edited the solutions. Thanks. – steveyang Nov 23 '11 at 6:11

You should allow for whitespace after the semicolon (or beginning of the string) but before "color". You should allow for whitespace before the colon, too:


You may also want to allow for if the color property is the last thing before a closing curly-bracket }:

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Try this:

var dis = BodyContent.replace(/([\s;{]color:)\s*[^\s;}]+/, "$1green"); 

Unless you're processing the text one line at a time, there's no need to treat the linefeed specially. It's just another whitespace character, and you need to match any of those; that's what \s is for. There's no need to match the beginning of the string either, so you don't need the ^ anchor.

However, you should allow for the opening brace, in case "color:" is the first declaration in the rule. For example:


Additionally, given this valid rule:

H1{background-color:red;color:white }

...your regex would match ;color:white } and replace it with ;color:green, resulting in invalid CSS. That's why I changed the second character class from [^;] to [^\s;}].

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