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A typical compare-and-swap instruction does not report whether it succeeded. Instead, it just returns the old value regardless. How can I very quickly determine if the CAS successfully updated the value?

CAS(location, compareValue, newValue):
  oldValue = *location
  if (oldValue == compareValue)
    *location = newValue;
  return oldValue ;
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It's trivial, you just compare the returned (old) value to the one CAS itself used for comparison.

 if (CAS(location, compareValue, newValue) == compareValue)
   // CAS successfully wrote newValue to location
   // CAS failed to write newValue to location

That's how the x86's CMPXHG(8B/16B) instructions and MSVC++'s InterlockedCompareExchange*() functions that are built on top of them are used.

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