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I wanted to know about Hadoop more than a black box. I wanted to explore the Hadoop code itself. How can I download the bundle not from the trunk and where should I start from? Any help would be really helpful Thanks Shujaat

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The Hadoop code is in SVN and in Git also. Setup the Hadoop projects in Eclipse and start exploring the code. Currently 0.23, 0.22 and 0.20.205 branches is all where the active development is happening. HowToContribte is a nice start if you want to know more about the code. Learn what is MapReduce, Hadoop and finally setup Hadoop environment on a Linux box. Also, subscribe to the Hadoop mailing list and follow the JIRAs.

Not sure why not trunk. All the fun stuff happens at trunk.

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To explorer hadoop code, make sure whether you are explorer in windows or linux box. If it is for windows, visit http://tech.zhenhua.info/2010/11/svn-subclipse.html

Hadoop requires Ivy, sh on windows.

Praveen, "Not Sure why not trunk", i did not understood the line? i used trunk by following these links http://hadoop.apache.org/common/version_control.html

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