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I am a flex newbie. I need to disable some of the tabs in a flex tabbar specified, by configuration. I am having trouble in iterating over the tabs in the tab bar. If i use getChildAt() command, it does not disable the tab button, but the content of that tab button, so its no good.

Thanks and regards, Mohit Ranka

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When asking about code, always post a minimal test case. getChildAt() will work, so there's something else going on with your code.

        import mx.controls.tabBarClasses.Tab;
        private function clickTab(event:ItemClickEvent):void {
            var target:TabBar = event.currentTarget as TabBar;
            var currTab:Tab;
            var parity:int = event.index & 1;
            /* disable all tabs at indices w/ same parity as clicked tab;
               enable tabs of opposite parity.
            for (var i=0; i<target.numChildren; ++i) {
               currTab = target.getChildAt(i) as Tab;
               currTab.enabled = (i&1)^parity;

<mx:TabBar id="someTabs" itemClick="clickTab(event)">
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why not use a bindable to your configuration?

something like

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because the requirement is more complex than this. bottleneck is i do not know how to iterate over tabs in tab bar. – Mohit Ranka May 5 '09 at 9:54

For those who want an working answer for Flex 4.5 (probably Flex 4 also). I finally figured out a solution. It feels like a hack to me, but Adobe's not answering the call and it's working for me. Here's a simplified example.

<!-- component that has the the TabBar in it... -->

//imports here

import mx.core.UIComponent;


private function setTabEnabled(index:int,enabled:Boolean):void{
    var theTab:UIComponent = theTabBar.dataGroup.getElementAt(index) as UIComponent;
    if(theTab){theTab.enabled = enabled;}

<s:TabBar id="theTabBar"

<mx:ViewStack id="viewStack">
    <s:NavigatorContent label="0th Tab">
        <!-- ...Content -->
    <s:NavigatorContent label="1st Tab">
        <!-- ...Content -->
    <s:NavigatorContent label="2nd Tab">
        <!-- ...Content -->

<!-- rest of the component that has the the TabBar in it... -->

Then you just call setTabEnabled(theTabIndex,trueFalse) in an event handler related to whatever decides why the tab is, or isn't, enabled.

I should extend the TabBar to support this, but I've already spent enough time trying to figure it out.

Happy Coding =D

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