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I am new to VBA and need some help. I have created an Excel Userform with labels, textboxs, command buttons, frames, option buttons etc and they all work fine. All the data entered in the userform goes into a sheet within the excel workbook with the exception of the listbox selected data. I use the RowSource property to define the source of the Listbox contents and this works fine. If I have the 'MultiSelect' property set to Single, and a single list item is chosen, the selected list item exports into the worksheet. If the 'MultiSelect' property is set to 'Multi' or 'Extended' ,then the field in the Worksheet is left blank after the final Submit button is pressed (Command button with code for exporting data into the workbook). I created coding for the command button alongside the Listbox within a frame to try and get the multiple list data to export. I know this should be straight forward but I just can't seem to get it to work for multiple selections in a listbox. Do I need a command button (alongside the listbox)? When the user presses the Ctrl button to multi select list items, what code do I need to store those selections for the export function? Vanessa

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Can you post the relevant code that you have so far? –  Russ Cam May 5 '09 at 8:06

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The way that I have got all values from a multi-select listbox before was to iterate through the list, checking whether an item is selected and if it is, adding it to an array or a delimited string.

Is this how you are doing it?

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