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I am using carrierwave for uploading images(jpg,jpeg) as well as pdf, doc, xls, files in my application.

so when i use

<%= link_to (image_tag media.image_url().to_s) %>


<%= image_tag media.image_url().to_s %>

It shows broken image for (pdf, doc,xls) & when i right click on that broken image, It opens save image as box & saves that (doc, pdf, xls) for me.

but all i want is that it should show default image for (pdf,doc,xls) & just clicking on that should open popup of save file.


  1. carrierwave (0.5.7)
  2. Rails (3.0.10)
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You mean a default image for pdf, doc and xls, not a preview? So you probably want something like:

<%= link_to(image_tag(preview_or_default_image(media)), media %>

and then define a helper:

def preview_or_default_image(media)
  case media.type
  when 'jpg', 'jpeg' # , 'png', ...
  when 'doc', 'docx'
  when 'xls', 'xlsx'
  when 'pdf'
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media.type is nil here –  chaitanya saraf Jun 6 '12 at 13:48

For more information about CarrierWave, checkout the Railscast by Ryan Bates.

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railscasts didn't help me much –  chaitanya saraf Jun 6 '12 at 13:46

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