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I am trying to communicate with hp 102 laserjet printer directly using pcl language. Using pcl5 technical quick reference guide, I can print the text, set margins, select supported fonts, print monochorme images (of 1 bits per pixel).

In the reference guide, there is no sample provided to print images of other formats like bpp = 4, 16, 24, 32, etc. Can somebody guide me in the correct direction for printing the bitmap images of various depths using pcl commands.


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We have Img2PCL.exe (GUI program), ImgCvt.exe (console program), ImgCvt.dll for custom API calls. They convert JPEG or TIFF to various types of PCL (standalone, in-stream, full page overlays and placable macros). We could add support for .BMP, but most of our licensees just switch to JPEG or TIFF. For a demo, download PCLWorks Program at www.pclworks.com.

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