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I have a shared class which calls the following registry key which is used by a Windows Service and also an ASP MVC3 website:

irsalKey = Registry.LocalMachine

On my local (Win7 32bit) PC this works as expected.

On my test 2008 server, the Service read/writes the "Wow6432" node, but website does not? My guess is that the service is 32bit (uses 32 bit binaries) but the website is 64bit under IIS?

What can I do so that both read/write the same keys? It doesn't matter WHICH key this is, but it needs to be the same for both!


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You could try explicitly compiling the website for x86 instead of AnyCPU - that might force it to 32 bit mode. (set up a new platform in the Build/Configuration Manager menu)

You'd also have to turn on the app pool option in IIS to enable 32 bit applications (advanced settings on the app pool).

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Googling pointed me to use the following:

RegistryKey.OpenBaseKey(RegistryHive.LocalMachine, RegistryView.Registry32)

It IS in MSDN, but the documentation wasn't too clear (to me anyway!) but this forces any RegistryKey to use it's 32bit version.

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