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My aim is to prepare a newsletter which sends all my users an email when they haven't logged in for longer than two weeks.

To accomplish this, I need to "join" (i think) the last logged in date (from myMembers table) and their preference in receiving emails or not (from accountOptions table)


id last_logged_date
1           date
2           date


id uid notification1
1      1      yes
2      2      no

What is the query I need to use here to extract th?

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A JOIN query, see - You're not talking about a specific problem that you've run into, you're just asking for the general documentation. Please check the FAQ which questions to ask. A general rule of thumb is that you provide code about what you did. You didn't with your question. – hakre Nov 23 '11 at 9:22
to accomplish join here you need the reference of uid in myMembers table. Do you have any relation between myMembers and accountoptions table? – Murtaza Nov 23 '11 at 9:25
select *
from myMembers m, accountOptions o
where u.notification='yes' AND = o.uid 
AND AND DATEDIFF(Now(), m.last_logged_date) > 14

DateDiff(date1, date2) returns the difference between these two dates in days.

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assuming id as the reference

select, aO.uid, m.last_logged_date from accountOptions aO inner join myMembers m on = where  m.last_logged_date <= DATEDIFF(Now(), m.last_logged_date) > 14
and notification1 = 'yes'
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SELECT myMembers.last_logged_date, accountOptions.notification1 FROM myMembers INNER JOIN accountOptions ON myMembers.P_Id=accountOptions.uid ORDER BY

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Use this query to join 2 tables

  FROM myMembers,accountOptions 
 WHERE = accountOptions.uid 
   AND id=1;

This will return the exact result.

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