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I'm using ORMLite & SQLite as my database, and I'm working on a android app.

1) I'm searching for a particular object in the Foreign-Collection object as follows.

Collection<PantryCheckLine> pantryCheckLinesCollection = pantryCheck.getPantryCheckLines();
Iterator iterator = pantryCheckLinesCollection.iterator();
while (iterator.hasNext()) {
    pantryCheckLine = (PantryCheckLine) iterator.next();
    //i'm searching for a purticular object match   

2) Or else I can directly query from the relevant table and identified the item as well.

What I'm asking is out of these two methods which one will be much faster?

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Depends a bit on the particulars of your situation.

  • If your ForeignCollection is eager fetched then your loop will not have to do any database transactions and will, for small collections, probably be faster then doing the query.

  • However if your collection lazy loaded then iterating through the collection will go back to the database anyway so you might as well do the precise query.

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