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I have been working with Mahout in the past few days trying to create a recommendation engine. The project I'm working on has the following data:

  • 12M users
  • 2M items
  • 18M user-item boolean recommendations
  • I am now experimenting with 1/3 of the full set we have (i.e. 6M out of 18M recommendations). At any configuration I tried, Mahout was providing quite disappointing results. Some recommendations took 1.5 seconds while other took over a minute. I think a reasonable time for a recommendation should be around the 100ms timeframe.

    Why does Mahout work so slow?
    I'm running the application on a Tomcat with the following JVM arguments (even though adding them didn't make much of a difference):

    -Xms4096M -Xmx4096M -da -dsa -XX:NewRatio=9 -XX:+UseParallelGC -XX:+UseParallelOldGC

    Below are code snippets for my experiments:

    User similarity 1:

    DataModel model = new FileDataModel(new File(dataFile));
    UserSimilarity similarity = new CachingUserSimilarity(new LogLikelihoodSimilarity(model), model);
    UserNeighborhood neighborhood = new NearestNUserNeighborhood(10, Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY, similarity, model, 0.5);
    recommender = new GenericBooleanPrefUserBasedRecommender(model, neighborhood, similarity);

    User similarity 2:

    DataModel model = new FileDataModel(new File(dataFile));
    UserSimilarity similarity = new CachingUserSimilarity(new LogLikelihoodSimilarity(model), model);
    UserNeighborhood neighborhood = new CachingUserNeighborhood(new NearestNUserNeighborhood(10, similarity, model), model);
    recommender = new GenericBooleanPrefUserBasedRecommender(model, neighborhood, similarity);

    Item similarity 1:

    DataModel dataModel = new FileDataModel(new File(dataFile));
    ItemSimilarity itemSimilarity = new LogLikelihoodSimilarity(dataModel);
    recommender = new GenericItemBasedRecommender(dataModel, itemSimilarity);
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    With the gracious help of the Mahout community via its mailing list, we have found a solution to my problem. All of the code related to the solution was committed into Mahout 0.6. More details can be found in the corresponding JIRA ticket.

    Using VisualVM I found that the performance bottleneck was in the computation of item-item similarities. This was addressed by @Sean using a very simple but effective fix (see the SVN commit for more details)

    Additionally, we have discussed how to improve the SamplingCandidateItemsStrategy to allow finer control over the sampling rate.

    Finally, I did some testing with my application with the aforementioned fixes. All the recommendations took less than 1.5 seconds with the overwhelming majority taking less than 500ms. Mahout could easily handle 100 recommendations per second (I did not try to stress it more than that).

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    Small suggestion: your last snippet should use GenericBooleanPrefItemBasedRecommender.

    For your data set, the item-based algorithm should be best.

    This sounds a little slow, and minutes is way too long. The culprit is lumpy data; time can scale with the number of ratings a user has provided.

    Look at SamplingCandidateItemsStrategy. This will let you limit the amount of work done in this regard by sampling in the face of particularly dense data. You can plug this in to GenericBooleanPrefItemBasedRecommender instead of using the default. I think this will give you a lever to increase speed and also make response time more predictable.

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    Thnx Sean. I tried your suggestions with the following code pastebin.com/XiuJvRha . But performance is still not good. Even with the 6M set (1/3rd of the real set), recommendations still take between 3-15 secs. What do you make out of it? –  Daniel Zohar Nov 23 '11 at 13:09
    Ok - I have tested it a bit more and I have noticed that for users that had made 1-2 recommendations are quick, about 400ms, but for users who have made 10 or 20 recommendations it takes much more. One user with 28 recommendations took over a minute to complete. –  Daniel Zohar Nov 23 '11 at 13:19
    You'll want to adjust the values in SamplingCandidateItemsStrategy. Try (10,5) for example. This all still sounds quite slow, though it looks pretty good. There's some degree of warm-up as the caches fill with precomputed similarity; I don't know if that's a factor? –  Sean Owen Nov 23 '11 at 13:56
    It works great for most of the users but there are still users where a query for takes a lot of time. It seems that what common for these users is that they made at least 20-30 recommendations. And that the resulted 'RecommendedItem's values are high. I assume that Mahout puts a lot of effort because there are many options to choose from. Is there are other tweak I can do to prevent it from handing for a whole minute? Maybe somehow lower the sampling rate? –  Daniel Zohar Nov 23 '11 at 14:19
    Yes, that's what I'm suggesting -- lower numbers mean lower sampling rate. Do you have access to a profiler? It all still seems quite slower than I'd imagine. I wonder if you can in this way gain direct insight into the slowdown. That would allow for more targeted advice. –  Sean Owen Nov 23 '11 at 15:29

    this blog post from Sebastian Schelter could also be useful:


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