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I have added a dropdown dynamic in codeigniter

echo form_dropdown('mydrop',$options);

The options are called of a query in the database. How can I add at first of the options, the option:

value="" Select an option with codeigniter


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You could use the union operator

$newoptions = array('0' => 'Select an option') + $options;

echo form_dropdown('mydrop',$newoptions);

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Thanks very much. –  cabita Nov 23 '11 at 10:37
$options = array(
              'small'  => 'Small Shirt',
              'med'    => 'Medium Shirt',
              'large'   => 'Large Shirt',
              'xlarge' => 'Extra Large Shirt',
array_unshift($options, array(0 => "Select an option"));

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