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I have JS code with google maps api. When I click on a marker I display more markers. When I click on these markers I display more markers...and so on I connect all these by polylines and the resulting structure looks like a spider map. When I click on any marker agian, I want to hide the markers and polylines it created. How do I create and keep a reference to these polylines and markers which are formed inside the recursive calls of the eventlistener for every parent marker, so that I could later on do a setMap(null);

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I haven't tested it, but I believe you could add an array of shown markers inside a Marker object. It would look somehow like this:

var originalMarkers = new Array();  //load markers you show at the beginning to some array

function onMarkerClick(event) {
    if (marker.childMarkers){
        for (child in marker.childMarkers) {
            //and so on, e.g remove polylines
            marker.childMarkers = null;
    else {
        marker.childMarkers = new Array();    
        //load markers you show after click here
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yeah, I did something similar –  user494461 Nov 23 '11 at 11:35
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