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I am evaluating a tool which says that it supports UML 2.2. However if I search on internet, I can't find what incremental change has occured between two version.

And yes, I tried to go through OMG documents, but those are too dense to read. Is there a simple explanation anywhere?

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It's UML. By definition, neither the explanation, nor anything else about it is simple. – John Saunders May 5 '09 at 9:59
@John: Absolutely correct. – Varun Mahajan May 5 '09 at 10:02
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I don't think there's a clear overview of the changes in 2.2. There's a UML 2.2 specification document with change bars: it marks the changed sections as opposed to version 2.1.2. It's really the best way to view those changes - again, there's no real overview, at least none that I could find. You can view the document (PDF) here.

I've skimmed the document a bit. They're mostly minor changes. Some of the changes I came across you can quickly find in:

  • 8.3 (Class Descriptions)
  • 8.3.2 (ComponentRealization)
  • 10.2 (Deployments - Abstract Syntax)
  • 11.2 (Abstract Syntax)
  • 11.3.12 (ClearStructuralFeatureAction)
  • 11.3.19 (InputPin)
  • 11.3.33 (ReadLinkAction)
  • 11.3.47 (StartObjectBehaviorAction)
  • 11.3.55 (WriteStructuralFeatureAction)
  • 15.2 (State Machines - Abstract syntax)
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Thank you, you saved me a lot of time. – Varun Mahajan May 5 '09 at 10:31
You're welcome. Note though, that the list is not complete. However, with the change bars, it is not too hard to quickly view what sections have changed. Good luck! – Razzie May 5 '09 at 10:33

Not sure what your reference level of UML is, but the UML 2.2 specifications with change bars shows you all the changes. It just takes time page turning. It's perhaps easier to read through the RTF Report for revision 2.2.

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