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For about a week now I try to set up a Dynamics AX 2009 team development environment, and keep hitting roadblock after roadblock (mostly about setting up TFS).

Are there any working installation instructions for using Dynamics AX Team Server with Team Foundation Server 2008? Has anyone ever got this combination (AX TS & TFS) up and running?

The official installation documents are riddled with errors (saying /Sites instead of /Websites) which makes using them a real PitA! The MS certification MB6-820 and it's learning material does say nothing about distributed programming, only about single user installations.

How do others install a distributed AX dev system? Ship the servers to MS so they will handle it?

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ARG! The problem seems simple:

Never ever install AX Team Server on a non-english version of Windows Server!

Some weird translators have translated the name of computer accounts. For example the system account "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE" is called "NT-AUTORITÄT\NETZWERKDIENST" in the german version of Windows Server.

Now a lot of programs have the name of the account hardcoded, therefore fail to find the account they are looking for, since the name does not match.

Point of the story: always install AX 2009 team server on an english version of Windows Server.

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