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Is it even remotely possible to record sound that is being played on the sound card? Supposedly, I am playing an audio file, what I need is to redirect the output to the disk. DirectShow or might be feasible.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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You will probably need to be much more specific in order for someone to help you, or even to figure out if this is appropriate for Stackoverflow rather than one of the other sites. e.g. "I am playing an audio file" could mean anything from "I clicked an MP3 file" to "I am using ASIO to play back samples recorded to file". The sentence "DirectShow or might be feasible" looks like you probably meant to say more, because as written it's gibberish. –  tialaramex Nov 23 '11 at 11:29

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You need to enable audio loopback device, and you will be able to record from in a stadnard way with all the well-known APIs (including DirectShow).

Once enabled, you will see the device on DirectShow apps:

enter image description here

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Check out NAudio and this thread for a WasapiLoopbackCapture class that takes the output from your soundcard and turns it into a wavein device you can record or whatever...


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