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I have created new single view application (developing with iOS 5 sdk and Xcode 4.2), the app is now consisted of app delegate, view controller, scrollView (with CATiledLayer). Storyboard contains ViewController that contains UIScrollView which class is ScrollView (class that I have created). My goal is to display large PDF files, with zooming and etc. I based my project on zooming pdf sample from apple. When I try to run my app on iPad it crashes during linking showing me this error:

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:
"_OBJC_CLASS_$_CATiledLayer", referenced from:
objc-class-ref in TiledPDFPage.o

So does anyone know, how to avoid this error? Is it possible that the problem is in that I didnt create the scrollView in code but in storyboard??

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Did you remember to link the QuartzCore framework?

You probably have an import like this somewhere (Probably in your TiledPDFPage.m):

#import <QuartzCore/CATiledLayer.h>

If so you have to link in the QuartzCore framework too.

  1. Click on the project name in the project Navigator (⇧⌘J to open the Navigator).
  2. Click on the project Target.
  3. Click on the Build Phases tab.
  4. Open the Link Binary With Libraries list.
  5. Check to see if QuartzCore.framework is already in the list. If not, continue.
  6. Click the +.
  7. Type in QuartzCore.
  8. Select QuartzCore.framework (you may have to expand the IOS 5 folder).
  9. Click Add.
  10. Build.
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