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I am using django-cms 2.2 and my menu suddenly disappeared. There's no error message. Page renders normally, with exception of menu. I am using:

{% show_menu 0 0 100 100 "menu/show_menu_template.html" %}

command, and as i checked it goes inside of show_menu_template. showmenu_template is standard and as follows, it was working before, cheers

{% load menu_tags %}
{% for child in children %}

<li class="{% if forloop.last %}last {% endif %}{% if child.selected %}current selected{% endif %}{% if child.ancestor %}ancestor{% endif %}{% if child.sibling %}sibling{% endif %}{% if child.descendant %}descendant{% endif %}">
    <a href="{{ child.attr.redirect_url|default:child.get_absolute_url }}">{{ child.get_menu_title }}</a>
    {% if child.children %}
    {% show_menu from_level to_level extra_inactive extra_active template "" "" child %}
    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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Did you unpublish any content in the admin? Try {% show_menu 100 100 100 100 ... %} to see if there are any links at all in the menu –  Timmy O'Mahony Nov 23 '11 at 12:37

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I've changed the tag inside the template and it started working, am not sure why it was not working before and stopped as such but what to do

{% show_menu 1 1 100 100 "menu/show_menu_template.html" %}
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