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A very strange problem came to me. In one my senario I am implementing autosave feature. wherein i am using jquery serializer. Also i have used timer which calls a function on regular interval basis. that function perform an ajax call(post method) and sends the serialize string to the server. On server i capture the form value and store in database.

I Have used infragistic web html editor control.At the first time serialize string dont include the value of editor,but next time when timer function again serialize the form , then it include editor content.. very strange .. any reply will be highly appreciated.. thanks below is the sample code.

timerfunction() {
    var str = $("#wrapper input,select,textarea,MainContent_USCWebHtmlEditor_t_a,MainContent_USCWebHtmlEditor_tw").not(':button').serialize();
      type: "POST",
      url: "<%= GetPageUrl() %>?autosave=true",
      data: str,
      success: function (msg) {
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First thought is that this is firing off before the document is ready, so #wrapper input, etc does not exist. –  Xyan Ewing Nov 23 '11 at 12:34

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MainContent_USCWebHtmlEditor_t_a and MainContent_USCWebHtmlEditor_tw are wrong selectors

if these are the id's of the components you should add a # before or when they are classes you should add a . before

also mind that you grab all the <input> within #wrapper but all the other elements will also be taken from outside the #wrapper

if you want to solve that you could do

var context = $("#wrapper")
var str = $("input,select,textarea", context).not(':button').serialize();
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Thanks for reply. But I have tried both. it is capturing the content of editor in next interval. but in first it even dont include the content of editor in serialized string. –  Mukesh Kumar Nov 24 '11 at 5:49

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