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I'm trying to compile the StackWatcher example, but after selecting "GWT Compile project.." an dialog is opened, but it is said:

StockWatcher is not a GWT project.

The "Compile" button is also enable.

I clicked on Project/Browser.. but it shows an empty window.

Any idea?


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If you have the Google plugin installed correctly, right click on your project in the package explorer. There should be a Google Web Toolkit menu entry which allows you to convert your project into a GWT one.

Once the project has been converted you should be able to compile and debug your project as normal.

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In the project properties, you probably didn't enable the Google Web Toolkit feature.

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thanks, but how I enable the GWT feature? I check Properties of the project but I didn't find it.. –  ziiweb Nov 23 '11 at 15:16

Right-click on your project, under Google, Web Toolkit Settings, and click the button that says "Use Google Web Toolkit" (same for AppEngine, if you're using it).

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