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I am very new to Selenium, so my apologies if it's a silly question. I have successfully wired up IntelliJ (Play! framework) with Selenium, and created some tests using firefoxDrivers.

I'm trying to check if the page had been validated properly.

long story short, I'm selecting an element like this:

WebElement smallDecel = firefoxDriver.findElement(By.cssSelector("#configTable tr:nth-child(2) td .playerDecelInput"));

I do some further operations (clear and change the value, submit the 'form'), and then I want to check if the TD the input sits in was given another class.

So, the question is - is there a simple technique I can use to find out if a WebElement / DOM has a class specified?

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You can use FindElement(By.ClassName(//name of your class)); I would recommend that you either loop through and search the DOM for a set period of time or set a Thread.sleep(xxxx) and then look for the appended class.

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Selenium can take care of waiting for the element to have the class name. See Selenium Explicit Wait docs –  Julian Jan 9 '13 at 18:44

To expand on Sam Woods' answer, I use a simple extension method (this is for C#) to test whether or not an element has a specified class:

public static bool HasClass( this IWebElement el, string className ) {
    return el.GetAttribute( "class" ).Split( ' ' ).Contains( className );
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just a quick edit, It should be .split(' ') and not .Split(' ') –  avk Nov 28 '13 at 10:16
his answer is correct, is .Split(' ') because this is C#, also take into account that you need to include System.Linq in the using directives in order for the .Contains to work. –  euther Jun 10 '14 at 16:33

Once you find the element, you can just call myElement.GetAttribute("class"). Then you can parse the string that is returned and see if it contains or does not contain the class name you care about.

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