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I'd need to know this two points. When starts an update-drawing and when ends.

In addittion I'need a way to interrupt this, in example when you are making zoom. Any idea ? Thanks

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QWidget::update requests the widget (or a portion thereof) to be repainted. Several update requests may be merged into a single paint request.

Thus, it might be helpful to re-implement the virtual paintEvent method. Something like:

void MyGraphicsView::paintEvent (QPaintEvent *event) {
  // Do stuff before repainting

  // Do the actual paint update

  // Do stuff after painting

If that's not what you were asking, please clarify your question; I wasn't totally sure I understood it correctly.

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Thanks. I use the Qg to draw QGraphicItems (points, polygons, etc ). It is a typical behavior that when you are going to zooming or panning you makes some events in quick succession. In example you rotate the mouse wheel 3 times and when I have a lot of graphical data, the first two wheel events are useless. What I need is a way to stop current update process if it is present. Thanks – tonnot Nov 23 '11 at 18:30

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