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As described here:

We connect the object and its method (or property) call with a logical AND operator (&&), so the method is only invoked if the object is truthy (not null). This technique is commonly known as 'andand'.

In Ruby, we're able to do this:

name = @person && @person.name

This way we don't have to explicitly check if @person is null.

Is there a similar technique in java?

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Do you want to do an and operation or are you looking for a simple way to check if a property is null? –  Pace Nov 23 '11 at 12:49
I want to check if the property is null and assign the value in a single shorthand line of code. –  Ger Nov 23 '11 at 12:51

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Try ternary operator However it's not very similar to && technique, but works that way only.

person != null ? peson.name : <default name>
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Is there a similar technique in java?

There is nothing as concise.

There was a Project Coin proposal to add the so-called "Elvis" operator and related ones to Java 7. However, it didn't make the cut.

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No, only when checking Strings you can achieve this by inverting the order of the comparison.

Instead of

if (role != null && role.equals("admin"))

you'd write

if ("admin".equals(role))
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Java do have short-circuit evaluation. The problem is that Java does not assume null to be equivalent of false (and not-null - equivalent of true).

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