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Given the XML below I need to recurively select the employee who's positions.position.manager_position matches a position parameter.

How can this be achieved with linq to XML?

<employee id="0004000">
    <!-- ... -->
<employee id="0004001">
      <position id="00008001" isPrimary="1">
       <title>GENERAL MANAGER</title>
<employee id="0004002">
    <!-- ... -->
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You could do it like this:

employees.Where(e => e.Element("positions")
                      .Any(mp => mp.Value == position))

Select those employees, that have at least one manager_position element that matches the posution you're looking for.

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This example will return the matching employee XElement or null when none were found:

var employees = XElement.Parse(
    "<employees><employee><!-- ... --></employee></employees>");

var results = employees
    .Where(e => e.Descendants("manager_position").Value == "00008431")

See also:

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