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Using Coldfusion's SpreadSheet() object I have created an excel file and now the user needs to be able to download it.

mySS = SpreadsheetNew();
format1 = StructNew();
SpreadSheetSetCellValue(mySS, 7,2,3);
SpreadSheetFormatCell(mySS, format1, 2, 3);

essentially I would like something like

<cfdownload var="#mySS#">

however it's almost never that simple. I realize that I can write the file and then use cfheader \ cfcontent however I am trying to avoid writing the file if possible.


Based on the suggestion I got from speshak I tried

<cfcontent variable="#mySS#"  type="application/msexcel">

and the error I got was, am I missing something?

coldfusion.excel.ExcelInfo is not a supported variable type. The variable is expected to contain binary data.

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Alright so thanks to Raymond Camden's Post and speshak here is the final solution.

<cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="attachment;filename=filename.xls">
<cfcontent variable="#spreadsheetReadBinary(mySS)#"  type="application/msexcel">
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<cfcontent variable="#mySS#">

You probably want to set the type attribute as well so the browser knows it's not HTML.

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