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Current state:

  • I have cognos 8.4 bi running on a iis 6 and it runs authentication on openldap.
  • I have a script written in php which also can authenticate using this openldap.


Use only the php script for login-purpose and then send the user/pass forward to cognos.


How to forward login-data or how to login onto a cognos using a php script?

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From what I understand, you should interact directly with the Cognos data base instead of logging into it.

check this out: getting-data-from-cognos-scripting

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this doesn't state much about "renewing credentials" inside cognos, when eventually an user password has changed. delayed reports which will lateron fail to authenticate, since those have stored user,pass,namespace and the pass has changed. – justastefan Dec 20 '11 at 11:47

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