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Hey I am just wondering why the following query is returning blank spaces in my table instead of a 0?, because there is nothing inside the driver_stats table at the moment it should return 0? any help is much appreciated.


    SUM(IF(qual_pos = '1', 1,0)) AS poles,
    SUM(IF(race_pos <= '3', 1,0)) AS podiums,
    SUM(IF(race_pos = '1', 1,0)) AS victories,
    SUM(overtakes) AS overtakes
     FROM driver_stats s
     left join drivers d on d.drivers_id = s.drivers_id
    WHERE d.team_id = '$row[team_id]'
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What if you change the left join to a right join? Or just move your query around so it's

drivers d left join driver_stats s
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ha yeah that works fine! thanks very much, can't believe I missed it. –  user969729 Nov 23 '11 at 14:00
Will works, but can be a problem, depending on driver_stats table. –  Moshe L Nov 23 '11 at 15:12

If you SUM() zero things in SQL, the result is NULL. I agree with you that it would be more sensible for the answer to be zero, but that is how it is. I suggest using

COALESCE(SUM(IF(qual_pos = '1', 1,0)), 0) AS poles
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thanks a lot, yeah I am using COALESCE on my other sums where there no conditions. I changed the join around below and its returning the 0's now. Thanks for your time. –  user969729 Nov 23 '11 at 14:14

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