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as a part of a bigger project i create a graphical yaml-file editor in c++ (and Qt). I use the yaml-cpp library and everything works fine. Ist it possible to parse comments, too? Writing comments is no problem, but i did not find a solution to read them.

Thanks in advance, Filip

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This isn't possible (comments are not part of the representation graph, so they're not retained).

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damn, too bad. It is possible in xml. Any workaround ideas or do i have to parse the files myself? – Filip Muellers Nov 24 '11 at 10:56

If I understand your question correctly, you could just add them as part of the data:

# This is an example yaml config file
_comment: This is a comment I would like to retain with my data
   _comment: Another one
   bar: 1
   baz: '2'
   bar: 3
   baz: "4"
   bar: 5
   baz: 6
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