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i have translation of string containing date.

{% trans with {'%date%': lastAcceptedDate } from "translations" %}createdBefore%date%notAccepted{% endtrans %}

Now i would like to format the date. Probably by date function. Something like following in PHP

__( 'createdBefore%date%notAccepted', 
        '%date%' => (new DateTime($lastAcceptedDate))->format('d.m. Y')

This is definitely not working or optimal code. It's just another form of explanation of what i want to achieve.

I found i can do it in twig with normal string like so

{{ lastAcceptedDate | date("d.m. Y") }}

but i am unable to find how to do it in twig's translation tag.

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Did you try this?

{% trans with {'%date%': (lastAcceptedDate | date("d.m. Y")) } from "translations" %}createdBefore%date%notAccepted{% endtrans %}

If it works maybe the round parenthesis are not even needed!

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