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I'm trying to hook function callback when iScroll container reaches end of page, at the bottom end (Y-axis). So that I can load more content on demand - instead of all 300+ contents.

Has anybody worked on it? Any hints?

Here is the library I was referring to: http://cubiq.org/iscroll-4

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iScroll 4 has some extra features that allow you to implements pull-down and/or pull-up to reload content. See the section on "Pull to refresh" cubiq.org/iscroll-4 –  drmatt Dec 14 '11 at 14:01

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As drmatt metioned, you should look into Pull to refresh demo


You need to build you own logic which won't require user to pull to add more items.

Something like following (pseudo code - not tested code):

var isAlreadyLoading = 0;
var iscroller = new iScroll(
    hScroll: false, 
    bounce: false, // do not bounce
    onScrollMove: function () {
      // CHECK if we've 350px gap before reaching end of the page
      if ( (this.y < (this.maxScrollY + 350)) && (isAlreadyLoading == 0) ){ 
        // start loading next page content here

        // update this flag inside load more and set to 0 when complete
        isAlreadyLoading = 1; 
    onScrollEnd: function () {
      // check if we went down, and then load content
      if ( isAlreadyLoading == 0 ) {
        // Load more content

        // update this flag inside load more and set to 0 when complete
        isAlreadyLoading = 1; 
      } else {
        // DO NOTHING
  } // end of Scoller config object
); // end iScroll instance
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