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I am having some trouble mixing and matching fetches and selects using hibernate. Basically, I am listing a bunch of users in a user table which also contains a "createdBy" column which references the user table by id Ex:

id  | name | foo | createdBy
1     abc    zzz   2
2     def    zzz   2

So, In the example above I would want an instance of the "def" user to be returned for "abc"'s createdBy column

So, without the createdBy, my query looks like:

from User u inner join fetch e.foo as foo inner join fetch foo.bar as bar

How would I insert the

"select User u2 from User where u2.id=u.createdBy" 

into the previous query?

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Assuming createdBy is mapped in the User entity as lazy ManyToOne you would include it in your query in the exact same fashion as your other joins:

from User u
  join fetch u.foo as foo
  join fetch foo.bar as bar
  join fetch u.createdBy

If it's not mapped as ManyToOne (why not?) and instead only its ID is mapped, you'll have to use a cross join AND you will either have to transform query result (via custom constructor or ResultTransformer implementation) or consume them as List<Object[]> as that's what they'll be:

select u, u2
  from User u, User u2
    join fetch u.foo as foo
    join fetch foo.bar as bar
 where u.createdBy = u2.id

Needless to say, the first option (mapping createdBy as ManyToOne) is much more straightforward.

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