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I have got a view controller with a UIView and a navigation controller configured in the XIB.

Now I created a custom UIView and would like it to be on top of the other view. So I added a view on top of the first and changed the class to mine (DrawableUIVIew). None of the stuff I alter or set inside my custom view appears.

This is how I add my custom view:

Screenshot of xib layout

The custom UIView allows touches (which do get detected) and then draws lines (which does not happen). Only way I could get it to draw was to use:

self.view = [[DrawableUIView alloc] init];

but that removes the nav bar and is thus useless.

How can I add a custom UIView above the view controller's standard view in the visual editor?

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if you are using ARC

[self.view addSubview:[[DrawableUIView alloc]init]];

if not do

DrawableUIView *myView = [[DrawableUIView alloc]init]];
[self.view addSubview:myView];
[myView release];
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I solved this problem by simply overriding the initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)aDecoder method inside my custom UIView

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