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I added "Execute PowerShell Script" action to my FinalBuilder project. Manual says that I can access FinalBuilder variables using following syntax (entered in Specify Script area):


But the problem is $FBVariables in my case is always null, I mean following statement returns True:

$FBVariables -eq $null

I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

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$FBVariables is not available in the Execute PowerShell Script action.

You will have to use the Run Script ( or Execute Script in older versions I think) action, set language to Powershell in the Script Editor tab and here you can use #FBVariables

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Thanks for help. This was unambitious thing for me – Roman Nov 24 '11 at 15:28

Here is an example of a working PowerShell script contained in a LogVariables Action. I found you couldn't use the PowerShell Action with variables, so I just used another action and added a script to pass information in/out of Powershell Commandlets.

Powershell Script

Function ConvertNametoFolder([string]$FileName="VirtualServerInstanceName.web.config",    [string]$FileSuffix="web.config")
   [string]$Result = ""
   if ($FileLen -ne "")
      [int]$FileLen = $FileName.Length
      [int]$SuffixLen = $FileSuffix.Length
      $Result = $FileName

      $Result = $FileName.SubString(0,($FileLen-$SuffixLen)-1)

      # String join method (not safe)
      #$Result =  $Result + "\" + $FileSuffix

      # .net Framework safe method for combining folder\file paths to Windows Standards.
      $Result = [System.IO.Path]::Combine($Result, $FileSuffix)
Return $Result

$FileIn = $FBVariables.GetVariable("varWebConfigFilePath") # Passed-in at runtime
[string]$PathOut =  ConvertNametoFolder $FileIn
$FBVariables.SetVariable("varWebConfigFileDestinationPath", $PathOut)
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Don't be sorry. Learn to format it correctly. – james.garriss Dec 10 '13 at 15:59

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