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i have a carousel with 3 items and i have 1 toolbar. But how can i change the title of the toolbar depending on which item the carousel is showing? for example:

var theCarousel = new Ext.Carousel({
                ui: 'dark',
                direction: 'horizontal',
                defaults: { cls: 'card', layout:'fit' },
                items: [
                     html:'<b>I'm big</b>'
                     html:'<i>I'm oblique</i>'
                     html:'<u>I'm underlined</u>'


var toolbar = new Ext.Toolbar({
                          title: 'iToolbar' ,
                          dock: 'top',

                              },{xtype: 'spacer'},


 var panel = new Ext.Panel({
                fullscreen: true,
                layout: {
                    type : 'fit',
                    align: 'top'
                defaults: {
                    flex: 1
                items: [ theCarousel ],
                dockedItems: [ toolbar ]

so when i am at the item 'I'm oblique' i want the title of the toolbar to show 'I'm oblique' Anny ideas on how to do this? Ty, Already!

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When each new card is revealed, Ext.Carousel fires an cardSwitch event. The handler of this event will receive the new card component as the second parameter. You can do


in the handler.

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