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I'm trying to convert a Java/Scala object into a Protocol Buffers message.

My object is called IDSNumber and it has a doubleValue method which returns a java.lang.Double. I'm trying to get it to be converted automatically to a double during Dozer object conversion.

I've create a Dozer Custom Converter in Scala, here:

class IDSConverter extends DozerConverter[IDSNumber, java.lang.Double](classOf[IDSNumber], classOf[java.lang.Double]) {
    def convertTo(source: IDSNumber, destination: java.lang.Double): java.lang.Double = {
    def convertFrom(source: java.lang.Double , destination: IDSNumber): IDSNumber = {
        new IDSNumber(source)

My Protocol Buffers message looks like the following (shortFee and longFee should be converted from the IDSNumber type):

message PerformanceSettingMessage {
    optional string                  displayCurrency           = 1;
    optional PeriodMessage           performancePeriod         = 2;
    optional int64                   conversionDate            = 3;
    optional BenchmarkOptionsMessage benchmarkOptions          = 4;
    optional string                  investmentStrategyMeaning = 5;
    optional double                  shortFee                  = 6;
    optional double                  longFee                   = 7;

I try to use the converter in the following way:

    val longFee  = new IDSNumber(2.0)
    val shortFee = new IDSNumber(3.0)
    // newing up a real performance settings object with IDSNumbers for shortFee and longFee
    val performanceSettings = new PerformanceSettings(Currency.apply("$"), period, fj.data.Option.none(), fj.data.Option.none(), Investment_Weighted, shortFee, longFee)

    val mapper = new DozerBeanMapper() // new DozerMapper
    val idsConverter = new IDSConverter() // my IDSNumber converter
    mapper.setCustomConverters(java.util.Arrays.asList(idsConverter)) // make it use my IDSNumber converter
    val msg = mapper.map(performanceSettings, classOf[PerformanceSettingMessage]) // map my real performanceSettings object to my PerformanceSettingsMessage generated by Protocol Buffers

When I run the above code, msg has both shortFee and longFee set to 0.0, instead of 2.0 and 3.0. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? Perhaps there's a better way (better library?) to convert these objects back and forth? Thanks!

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