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I'm running a Fedora 8 Core server. SSH is enabled and I can login with Transmit (FTP client) on port 22. When logged in, I can successfully upload files to the users home directory. Outside the home directory I can only browse files, not upload/change anything. How can I allow file uploading to a specific directory outside the users home directory?

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an easy method is to grant the user rights to the folder you want them to be able to upload to, then add a symlink (link -s) from their home folder to the destination.

You can also just use

scp file user@server:/path

which will let you upload to any directory you have permissions to

  • file is the file to copy
  • user & server should be obvious
  • /path is any destination path on the server which you have rights to; so /home/user/ would be your likely default home folder
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You need to make those directories writable by the proper users, or (easier) that user's group. This is of course a huge security hole, so be careful.

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HI, Give the FTP user write permission on the directory where you want to upload your files.

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