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I have a exchange rate table. I need to get current rate and previous rate and then compare results.

I can get first record using FirstOrDefault.

When i using ElementAtOrDefault,error show "The query operator 'ElementAtOrDefault' is not supported". How can i get second record?

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You can try this:

var query=data.Skip(1).Take(1);
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Take() returns null if the element is not there (so is equivalent to FirstOrDefault()).

If you'd rather an exception was thrown (cos the second element is not there) like First() then use:

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There's a detail not explicitly mentioned here: FirstOrDefault returns an Element, Skip(1).Take(1) returns a set of 1 element; i.e. the type returned by Skip(1).Take(1) is IEnumerable, while FirstOrDefault is not.

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If you use


you will get the first and second.

EDIT- If you need both the first and second, then the above will be more efficient than runing your query twice:

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Or Skip(1).Take(1) to get only 2nd. – Blorgbeard May 5 '09 at 12:32

Try this simple implementation this might be useful

var query= (from p in db.Person where p.Person == person_id select p);
var firstResult = query.First();
var secondResult = query.Skip(1).Take(1).Single();
var thirdResult = query.Skip(2).Take(1).Single();
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Select top 2, then select second element.

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will fetch the second record in the collection.

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Use .Skip(1) method

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