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Looking at ToStringBuilder by chillitom I thought I'd like to extend it by making it so that a call to Include() on a property or field which is itself a collection type will result in looping though the collection and (effectively) calling ToString() on each child item in the collection (actually calling String.Builder.Append() but you get the idea).

I need some hints as to how I'd write an expression to look through the content of the collection taking the MemberExpression provided to the Include() method as the starting point.

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Just "coding" in the answerbox here, so none-tested code, but I think you want something like:

public ToStringBuilder<T> Include(IEnumerable<T> collection, Expression<Func<T, TResult>> expression)
    var builder = new ToStringBuilder<T>();
    foreach(var item in collection)
        builder.Include(item, expression);
    return builder;

Else I guess I don't really understand what you want

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Thanks, I'll try to clarify the question. We don't have access to an instance of the collection, only a MemberExpression. –  rohancragg Nov 24 '11 at 9:06

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